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1st Floor, Ravenhill Business Park, Ravenhill Road, Belfast, BT6 8AW, Northern Ireland.

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t: 07784493065

e: info@trmbelfast.org



TRM offers a voluntary counselling service to people who are suffering from issues of abuse, depression, anxiety, social phobias, spiritual matters and many other problems. Often people need help beyond that provided by most counselling services but not as part of psychiatric or medical intervention.

After counselling, the outcome for many people is a release from feelings of helplessness, loss and confusion and an ability to feel more able to play a responsible role in family life and society in general. Our counselling rooms are situated in T.R.M. on the Ravenhill road where we place emphasis on the importance of comfort and relaxation and so ensure that our counselling environment is warm, friendly and secure.

Counsellors at T.R.M. are all experienced and equipped with skills of maturity, wisdom, understanding and compassion. Some have extensive qualifications and others are presently studying for diplomas. Trainee counsellors are trained under the supervision of an experienced counsellor and all counsellors are subject to supervision.  T.R.M. operates a strictly confidential voluntary service to the public regardless of background or orientation and is affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors.

Please text, telephone or email us for an appointment.