In May 1996 Brian Patton founded Times of Refreshing Ministries (T.R.M.) as a dynamic ministry, not only to meet the needs of a hurting community but to empower each person to reach his/her full destiny in Christ. In June 1996 Charmiane joined T.R.M. as administrator and in 1997 Lorraine Waddell became deputy director of T.R.M.

T.R.M. believe God’s glory is coming to the Body of Christ in an unprecedented way. This is a time of preparation; putting things into God’s order. The need for cleansing and equipping of His Body is paramount for the personal purity and power which will be essential to manifest the Glory of God to a lost world. After many years of experience in anointed ministry to individuals, God has now called us to cleanse, train and equip groups both locally and internationally for latter day ministry.

T.R.M. is a member of Resurrection Apostolic International Network (R.A.I.N) based in Minnesota, USA. This is an apostolic movement of pastors, churches, trans-local ministries, and missionaries, with a common vision- a mandate from God for revival, spiritual awakening, and to fulfil the great commission through strengthening the local church to go forward in power and wholeness.