TRM is a charitable agency that aims to provide counselling free of charge as part of our service to the community.  However, this service does cost money to run and we need in the region of £25,000 per annum to function.  There is no charge for interview/consultation sessions, however we deem it necessary to introduce a suggested voluntary contribution per ongoing session as follows:

Student or Young Person:  £5 per session

Unemployed & Receiving Benefits:  £5-10 per session

Employed Person (part time – full time) :  £15 – 25 per session

Working Couples:  £20-30 per session

If you are unable to make a controbution at any time, or less than our suggested contributions, we will understand and would like to assure you that this will in no way affect your counselling time or our commitment to you.

Perhaps you’d like to make a donation to cover someone else’s counselling care?